Don’t Reinvent Every Season

We live in a very different world than we did even five years ago. People are becoming far more environmentally conscious, and seasonal clothing hauls are very much out of fashion. Here at colour me beautiful,we have never bought into changing your wardrobe every year. Indeed, our motto is buy less, buy better, wear more and has been for over 30 years. We show people how to re-style pieces they already have to remain current; it's a simple concept and one that your wallet will thank you for..

Staying Relevant Post-Lockdown

Have you lost your style mojo over the last year. Have slippers and tracksuit bottoms become the norm? You’re not alone. Enforced lockdown has had a dramatic effect on the way that we dress. And it’s likely that some of us will never go back to dressing pre-2020, having discovered our ‘natural style personality’.
This month, we’re answering questions that you may be pondering, once we emerge from lockdown, and rediscover the joy of proper clothes once again.
Do heels fill you with dread?

Colour Me Beautiful Colours Of The Year: 2021

We are delighted to bring to you the colour me beautiful Colours of the Year for 2021. We will be seeing a lot of spring time garden shades in the next few months, and these were reflected in the London Fashion Week S/S21 collections. We have picked out two colour me beautiful shades that we feel are very wearable and will update your wardrobe.

Orchid is a cool pink that anyone with a cool undertone can wear confidently.

Lights with a cool undertone: this is a lovely shade that will complemen..

Jumpers For Women Who Carry Weight Around Their Middle

As we age, our bodies change shape, and for many of us, that means carrying weight around our middle. In fact one of the most common body shape of 50+ women is a Rectangle. Lean columns may find that they become less 'lean' and hourglasses loose their waist definition.
The rectangle is defined by:
little or no waist definition
a straight up and down figure
flat bottom
may carry weight around the middle
It's certainly requires a different way of dressing. One of the most difficul..

How To Colour Drench

What is colour drenching? It's the concept of dressing top-to-toe in one colour. More so than a column of colour, as it encompasses different tones and textures. The art to getting it right is to choose a flattering shade; one that looks amazing on you, because let's face it, there's going to be a lot of it on display!
Whether you choose a bold and impactuful colour, or something more understated and muted for a sophisticated look, it can be a great way to combine clothes that you..

A Colourful New Career

Has 2020 made you reassess your career goals? Do you love colour, make-up, style and people? If so, this post is for you.
Our consultants are worldwide and are from different walks of life. Some change career entirely, others bolt their colour me beautiful business onto another business such as a hairdressers or opticians.
As the recognised leader in the image industry, colour me beautiful is committed to offering the most comprehensive and up-to-date training available. With this in mind, we ..

Introducing Our Brand New Colour Collection

We are very excited to launch our Colour Collection, a collection of 12 brand new, stand-alone shades, inspired by nature, six of which will be perfect for you.

During lockdown, it became apparent that come autumn, there would be few fashion trends and we wanted to give our clients, old and new, something to be excited about. And what better way to inject new life into your wardrobe than through colour.
We strongly believe that you can build a sustainable, ‘forever’ wardrobe that you will lov..

Five Ways To ‘Smarten Up’ When You Prefer A Casual Style

Your style personality influences the items you choose and the way that you dress. Some people love to dress up, others dress down. But one thing we’re often asked by those who opt for a more casual style is, ‘how can I look smarter and more put together (without too much effort)’.
Well it’s easier than you think…

1. A Stretchy Blazer
A blazer is an easy win to smarten up any old outfit. But we get it, stiff, heavy cotton is some people’s worse nightmare. So look for a stretchy Ponte fabric…

Hello, We’re Back!

Hello, how are you?
We are truly delighted to be writing to you because we have news, big news; our studio doors will be open very soon. Of course, our drapes haven’t been idle over the last few months, as we've been busy throughout the lockdown period offering virtual services. But nothing beats that face-to-face meeting does it?

Our consultants have been trained in Covid Infection Prevention and Control and have conducted their own local risk assessments to ensure that clients are safe. ..

Post Lockdown Shopping And How We Can Help

This isn’t a post that we thought we would ever write but 2020 hasn’t really shaped up to conform with the 21st Century has it? As clothes shops prepare to open, there will be a new normal – at least for a while.
Leisurely browsing with the occasional coffee stop is something that we can but dream of. Instead, we will be faced with the prospect of queuing as shops limit the number of customers at any one time, one-way systems, sanitiser stations, the loss of changing rooms and of course maintai..