Shake Up Your Style

Autumn/Winter is around the corner and with it the opportunity to shake up your style, but where should you start?
Whilst we’re inundated with ‘hot new trends’ and ‘what to wear now’ articles it can be difficult to know where to turn, and what to buy.
We all have that one friend who seems to always look effortlessly stylish. Whatever the occasion they always get it ‘just right’ and seem to be able to look put-together and chic without seeming to have spent hours and hours getting ready.

Clothed In Confidence

Have you ever heard the saying ‘confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it’?
It’s one of our favourites here at colour me beautiful because it is SO true. You really can wear ANY colour, ANY style, ANY accessory if you have CONFIDENCE.
Self-confidence can be difficult to ‘fake’ though. If we don’t feel it, it can be hard to pretend, and this can lead us to make ‘safe’ choices with our clothes and style.
We reach for the same colours as we’re unsure whether other shades may suit us, we..

Selecting Stylish Sunglasses

At this time of year the accessory that tends to get the most wear is usually our sunglasses.
It’s certainly true that the addition of a pair of sunglasses to your look gives you an undeniably cool edge – but how do you go about finding the perfect pair for you?
With a plethora of shapes, shades and sizes to choose from we’ve put together our definitive guide to choosing the right sunglasses for your face shape to make your next sunglasses purchase your savviest yet.
Defining Your Face Shape

Behind The Scenes – What Happens During A Colour Consultation?

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and booking a colour consultation then this blog post is for you.
It’s all very well for us to talk about ‘getting your colours done’ – but what do we actually mean by this and what happens during your colour me beautiful session?
Read on to find out…
Who conducts my colour consultation?
First and most importantly, let us tell you about our amazing colour me beautiful image consultants as it will be one of these lovely people who conducts your col..

Denim Details

First of all let’s talk about COLOUR – this season your denim needs to be DARK so here’s how to wear it depending on your dominant colour category:
LIGHT & SOFT – dark denim will be too heavy for your colour characteristics so weak it away from your face and break it up with another colour from your palette.
DEEP – you look great in dark, rich colours so you can wear dark denim on it’s own or in contrast with another colour.
WARM – medium-depth colours work best on you so pop something one or..

Blazer v Bomber

Navigating Spring weather can sometimes be tricky here in the UK as it changes so often (sometimes within the course of a single day!)
It (usually) isn’t cold enough for a heavy coat but you still need an outer layer to keep the chill out until the temperatures really start to soar (we hope!)
This season there are a lot of lightweight outerwear options. We’ve already taken you through what to look for in a trench coat (you can read that post here), so in this post we thought we’d give you the ..

Make It A Mother’s Day To Remember

As Mother’s Day approaches on 11th March we get the opportunity to say a great big THANK YOU to these amazing women who have done so much for us throughout the years. To celebrate these special ladies we’ve put together a gift guide like no other, filled with things she’s guaranteed to love and get enjoyment from long after her special day.
Chic Scarf
As temperatures in the UK continue to stay decidedly chilly, a chic scarf is a wise investment for Mother’s Day – but which colour to choose? We..

Is It Time To Try A Trench?

If there’s one wardrobe item that is synonymous with Spring, it has to be the trench coat.
The trench coat dates back pre-World War 1, when it was designed as an alternative to the heavy greatcoat that Army officers wore. It was adapted to be worn in the trenches, hence where the trench coat got its name.
Since then it has evolved and developed as times and fashions have changed and it is still a mainstay of many a wardrobe across the world. But do you have one on your coat rail?
Not only is ..

January Blues, Reds, Greens and Yellows

Here at colour me beautiful we definitely get the January blues. We also get the January Reds, Pinks, Greens and Yellows too!
Colour is the perfect way to lift your mood and wearing beautiful shades when the skies are grey is guaranteed to make you feel brighter. Not only that but wearing the right colours next to your face will also illuminate your complexion too; perhaps now is the time to get booked in for that colour consultation to discover which shades will make your skin glow and eyes s..

Shop Smart In The Sales

It’s that time of year again – SALES, SALES, SALES!
Some of us love them, others loathe them. If you’re lured by the possibility of a bargain-buy this January be sure to check our top tips for navigating the sales to ensure you really are saving money.
Assess What You Already Own
Ever got home from a shopping trip with a new purchase only to discover you’ve already got several other items that are similar? It’s happened to most of us at some point or another. To make sure it doesn’t happen to..