Peas In A Pod

Fish and chips, knife and fork, cheese and wine, Ant and Dec. Things that fit together and were meant to be together! We have a perfect partner too; colour me beautiful and Kettlewell. Why? Because the people at Kettlewell ‘get’ colour and are as passionate about it as we are. The company was formed almost 20 years ago by husband and wife, John & Melissa Nicholson. Melissa had her colours done on a miserable winter day and was disappointed to be told that her spring shades wouldn’t be available ..

Image Matters For Men

Women may still be fashion’s biggest spenders but when you look at how fast sales are growing, men now lead the race. Ladies you have competition!
We hate to generalise but traditionally we see lots of men who are happy to leave the task of clothes shopping to their better half. Nothing wrong with that at all, but there’s definitely a growing trend for men to shop for themselves.
You have 30 seconds to make a first impression, which can last up to 15 years. Whether you’re in the boardroom or t..

Switch Up Your Beauty Routine For Summer

1) Use a hydrating cleanser
Our skin needs all the help it can get. Make sure you're not stripping your face of essential oil by switching to a cleanser that hydrates. Try our Hydrating Cream Cleanser which is infused with grapefruit, lavender and frankincense to produce a natural healthy glow.

2) Banish the excess oil
Our face produces excess oil when we're hot and this can cause blocked pores. Use our Balancing Toner to rebalance and rejuvenate the skin morning and night. You can..

Colour Me Slimmer

There's one person who is the queen of the column of colour. Her name? The Queen of course. Dressing in one colour or similar shades from top to toe is very slimming. A column of colour not only helps balance imperfections but it also elongates the frame giving a leaner silhouette. It's an easy win and a great confidence builder.

Image c/o The Sunday Times Style
And the good news is that you don't have to stick to black. Take HRH for instance, we rarely see her in black (state ..


Print is everywhere this season. Big and bold, bright and cheerful, ditsy and muted, there's something for everyone. But where to start? Let us guide you through the pattern minefield with our handy tips below.
Move Over Leopard….

Yes our love for animal print never seems to tire does it? This season it’s all about snake print. Its fuzzy pattern and often muted colours makes this a great option for Softs. Choose a base colour that complements your skin tone, it doesn’t have to be the usu..

Glowing Skin Is Always In

Our skin is the largest organ in the body and is one of the most hardworking. It provides a barrier against infection and protects our bodies from harmful elements. So it goes without saying that good skincare is vital to keep it healthy and able to do its job.
Adopting a proper routine for your face will reap rewards. Not only will it help your skin remain in tip-top condition, it will also provide you with a good base to apply your make-up.
2018 was all about product development for us. We h..

Sensible Sales Shopping

Hello, welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for stopping by. We hope that you've had a fabulously colourful festive season.
As you’re reading this, no doubt your inbox is pinging with sales alerts, 20%, 30%, and even 50% off. Tempting isn’t it? But before you hit that buy button, here is our guide to bargain hunting.
1.Make a list
Seems obvious doesn’t it but how many times have you hit the shops without a firm idea of what you actually need? A shopping list will keep yo..

The Universal Colours That Will Suit Everyone

If you haven’t yet had a colour consultation but want to start adding a little more colour to your wardrobe, then opting for a universal shade is a great place to start.
Whilst everyone who comes for a colour analysis with colour me beautiful receives a palette of 42 colours that work specifically for them, there are a few shades which, when combined carefully with other colours, will work for most people.
Here we take you through those magical universal shades so you can add a splash of colo..

Making Trends Work for YOU – COLOURS

Each season different colours take centre stage and for Autumn/Winter 2018 we’re going GREEN.
The perfect shade for Autumnal weather, the key to embracing this trend is to choose YOUR GREEN and wear it in a way that complements your colour characteristics.
Here are our guidelines to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe for the season ahead…
For those of you who fall into the LIGHT colour category Autumn/Winter can be a harder time to get hold of the delicate, bright shades that m..

Making Trends Work For YOU – ANIMAL PRINT

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be taking you through the things you need to consider when updating your Autumn wardrobe with this season’s trends.
We love fashion and taking inspiration from the catwalk, but it is important to ensure that they fit with your style personality, colour category and body shape so that you look and feel fabulous.
We’re kicking of with ANIMAL PRINT, which is everywhere this season. Here are the things you need to be mindful of if you’re looking to incorporat..